I Miss You Sister

kalau la kita ade kemudahan 
utk jmpa slalu kan senang..
tk la diserang rindu tahap gaban cmni..

you know what dear !
i not miss you so much..
 im going to crazy cz miss you..


Emylia Mohd Zain

  i miss you so fucking damm much...
are u owkey rite now dear ?
why lama tk on9 ?

kak nk thu dop adk rindu koe kak 
sapa mukoe adk jady gnie...


HAHAHA... uduh kan..
besar giler mata.. hehe..
just kidding dear..


happy birthday my sweety..
may god bless you..
may all ur dream comes true..
semoga pnjg umur n dimurahkan rezeki..
n one more thing..
good luck in SPM nex yer. hehe..

because it's ur birthday
this very special day
be sure to celebrate
in every special way !
because it's ur birthday
be sure to wish upon a star
and think of all of us who
know how wonderful you are !

adik sayang akak kemah kemim
<3 muacchxx

♔ Gracias / Thankyou For Reading . 'MuchLove♥' ♔

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